This page lets you explore the main geographical locations of the 403 novels in the Welsh collection databases of Cardiff University, Swansea University, and the National Library of Wales. The databases are not a comprehensive record of all the novels by Welsh authors or set in Wales, so please contact the Literary Atlas to tell us about a novel that you think should be included on this list, and to suggest it’s primary location.

Click on the dots to see which novel is located there. The table below the map provides more details about each novel.

Title Author Setting Published
Ash on a Young Man's Sleeve Dannie Abse 2006
There Was a Young Man from Cardiff Dannie Abse 1991
O. Jones, O. Jones Dannie Abse 1970
The Strange Case of Dr. Simmonds & Dr. Glas Dannie Abse 2002
The Whispering Mountain Joan Aiken 1970
The Shadow Guests Joan Aiken 1980
Splintered Kingdom James Aitcheson N/A
Arthor A A Attanasio 1995
Kingdom of the Grail A A Attanasio 1994
Winterton Blue Trezza Azzopardi 2007
Remember Me Trezza Azzopardi 2004
The Bride of Llew: a Novel Juliette De Bairacli-Lev 1953
In Dewisland S Baring-Goul 1919
The Llangoch Chronicles Walter Barker 1993
The Confirmation John Barnie 1992
Smoking Flax: a Novel E G Bartlett 1977
Gladys, the Reaper Anne Beale 1860
Rose Mervyn: a Tale of the Rebecca Riots Anne Beale 1890
Anna: or Memoirs of a Welsh Heiress Bennett (Mrs ) 1785
Ellen: Countess of Castle Howel Bennett (Mrs ) 1794
Flame and Slag Ron Berry N/A
So Long, Hector Bebb Ron Berry 2006
This Bygone Ron Berry 1996
Daniel's Beetles Tony Bianchi N/A
The Maid of Sker R D Blackmore 1873
No Villain Need Be Anne Blaisdell 1979
The Raven Warrior Alice Borchardt 2003
The Mists of Avalon Marion Zimmer Bradley 1993
Hawk of May Gillian Bradshaw 1980
In Winter's Shadow Gillian Bradshaw 1982
The Testimony of Taliesin Jones Rhidian Brook 1996
Gwen Penri: a Welsh Idyll John Bufton 1899
Glass Shot Duncan Bush 1993
The Circle of the Gods Victor Canning 1977
The Crimson Chalice Victor Canning 1976
Do Not Go Gentle Phil Carradice N/A
Stripping Penguins Bare Michael Carson 1991
The Hounds of Avalon Mark Chadbourn 2005
The Water Castle Brenda Chamberlain 1964
Dear Old Wales: a Patriotic Love Story T Owen Charles 1912
The Return of Merlin Deepak Chopra 1995
The Forever King Molly Cochran & Warren Murphy 1992
Tsar's Dragons Catrin Collier N/A
Past Remembering Catrin Collier 1998
Hearts of Gold Catrin Collier 2003
Swansea Girls Catrin Collier 2001
Winners and Losers Catrin Collier 2004
Homecoming Catrin Collier 2003
All That Glitters Catrin Collier 1995
A Silver Lining Catrin Collier 1996
Such Sweet Sorrow Catrin Collier 1996
One Blue Moon Catrin Collier 1993
Spoils of War Catrin Collier 2000
Beggars and Choosers Catrin Collier 2003
Sinners and Shadows Catrin Collier 2004
The Scottish Threads Lilian Comer 2004
Penard Castle John Cook 1869
The Dreams of Fair Women Alexander Cordell 1993
Peerless Jim Alexander Cordell 1986
The Hosts of Rebecca Alexander Cordell 1960
The Fire People Alexander Cordell 1973
If You Believe the Soldiers Alexander Cordell 1973
The Enemy Within Alexander Cordell 1974
The Healing Blade Alexander Cordell 1971
To Slay the Dreamer Alexander Cordell 1980
Rape of the Fair Country Alexander Cordell 1998
Sea-Urchin Alexander Cordell 1979
A Thought of Honour Alexander Cordell 1954
The Sinews of Love Alexander Cordell 1977
Beloved Exile Alexander Cordell 1993
Song of the Earth Alexander Cordell 1969
Race of the Tiger Alexander Cordell 1971
The Dream and the Destiny Alexander Cordell 1975
Rogue's March Alexander Cordell 1981
The White Cockade Alexander Cordell 1970
Land of My Fathers Alexander Cordell 1983
The Bright Cantonese Alexander Cordell 1976
The Sweet and Bitter Earth Alexander Cordell 1978
Land of Heart's Desire Alexander Cordell 1995
Requiem for a Patriot Alexander Cordell 2000
This Proud and Savage Land Alexander Cordell 1988
Tunnel Tigers Alexander Cordell 1986
The Love that God Forgot Alexander Cordell 1995
The Winter King: a Novel of Arthur Bernard Cornwell 1995
Excalibur: a Novel of Arthur Bernard Cornwell 1997
Enemy of God: a Novel of Arthur Bernard Cornwell 1996
Arthur: The Seeing Stone Kevin Crossley-Hollan 2000
Arthur: At the Crossing Places Kevin Crossley-Hollan 2001
Arthur: King of the Middle March Kevin Crossley-Hollan 2003
Welcome Death Glyn Daniel 1954
Going Hostile Barry Davies 1996
They Made a People Benjamin Price Davies 1947
Mr Perfect Joanna Davies N/A
Tree of Crows Lewis Davies 1996
Work, Sex and Rugby Lewis Davies 1993
My Piece of Happiness Lewis Davies 2001
Under the Rose Rhys Davies 1940
A Time to Laugh Rhys Davies 1937
Honey and Bread Rhys Davies 1935
The Dark Daughters Rhys Davies 1947
Count Your Blessings Rhys Davies 1932
The Red Hills Rhys Davies 1933
The Black Venus Rhys Davies 1946
Ram with Red Horns Rhys Davies 1996
Honeysuckle Girl Rhys Davies 1975
The Withered Root Rhys Davies 1928
The Perishable Quality Rhys Davies 1957
Tomorrow to Fresh Woods Rhys Davies 1941
Into The Suez Stevie Davies N/A
Arms and The Girl Stevie Davies N/A
Awakening Stevie Davies N/A
The Web of Belonging Stevie Davies 1997
The Secret Sex Life of Polly Garter Tom Davies 2004
Yanto Full-Pelt Tom Gilwern Davies 1990
The Banner of David J P Day 1992
That Watery Glass Moira Dearnley 1973
Jill E A Dillwyn N/A
The Rebecca Rioter: a Story of Killay Life E A Dillwyn 1880
A Burglary: or Unconscious Influence E A Dillwyn 1883
Rebecca's Children Kate Dunn 1991
Submarine Joe Dunthorne 2008
Wild Abandon Joe Dunthorne 2011
The Ragged Mountain John Dyer 1965
Passiontide Stephen Earley 2002
Winter Sonata Dorothy Edwards N/A
White Tree Sonia Edwards N/A
Follow Every Rainbow Doreen Evans 1997
This Way to Heaven Caradoc Evans 1934
Morgan Bible Caradoc Evans 1943
Wasps Caradoc Evans 1933
Nothing to Pay Caradoc Evans 1995
The Voices of the Children George Ewart Evans 2014
Giants John Evans 1999
Song of the Hills Margaret Evans 1995
Country Dance Margiad Evans 1978
The Wooden Doctor Margiad Evans 2002
Creed Margiad Evans 1936
The Old and the Young Margiad Evans 1998
Turf or Stone Margiad Evans 1934
Diving Heart Paul Ferris 1995
The Dam Paul Ferris 1967
A Distant Country Paul Ferris 1983
Then We Fall Paul Ferris 1960
Children of Dust Paul Ferris 1988
A Gower Story Deborah Fisher 2001
The Summer Stars Alan Fisk 1992
Book of The Needle Matthew Francis N/A
All This Is Mine Ray French 2003
Briton Mark Gamon 2004
Poet and The Private Eye Rob Gittins N/A
Artorius Rex John Gloag 1977
Pride of Place Judith Glover 1995
The Childhood Land William Glynne-Jone 1960
Ride the White Stallion William Glynne-Jone 1951
Farewell Innocence William Glynne-Jone 1950
Summer Long Ago William Glynne-Jone 1954
Man in the moone, or : A discourse of a voyage thither, by Domingo Gonsales, Thy Speedy Messenger Francis Godwin N/A
The Heyday in the Blood Geraint Goodwin 1954
Watch for the Morning Geraint Goodwin 1938
Crystal Spirit Roger Granelli 2004
Out of Nowehere Roger Granelli 1995
Dark Edge Roger Granelli 1997
Status Zero Roger Granelli 1999
Under the Red Dragon James Grant 1872
Some Welsh Children Mabel Holland Grave 1920
Cuchulainn Terence Gray 1925
Death on Gower: a Helen Falconer Mystery Joanna Greenlaw 2000
Spring of Youth Llywelyn Wyn Griffith 1971
The Way Lies West Llywelyn Wyn Griffith 1945
Grits Niall Griffiths 2000
Cunval's Mission David Hancocks 2004
Kingdom James Hanley N/A
London Lover's Barbara Hardy 1995
The Signal from the Hill: a Tale of the Landing of the Normans at Penarth Frederick James Harries 1916
The Bliss of Death Robert (Jonathan) Havard 1993
Bran: A Medieval Apprenticeship Mike E Hebog 2004
Dead of Mametz Jonathan Hicks N/A
Riding the Storm Susan Holliday 2000
Llywelyn John Hughes N/A
Before the Crying Ends John L Hughes 1977
In Harzard Richard Hughes 1953
The Human Predicament: The Wodden Shepherdess Richard Hughes 1975
The Human Predicament: The Fox in the Attic Richard Hughes 1975
Eye Lake Hughes, Tristan N/A
Open Secrets Emyr Humphreys 1989
A Change of Heart Emyr Humphreys 1951
Ghosts and Strangers Emyr Humphreys 2001
The Gift Emyr Humphreys 1963
The Best of Friends Emyr Humphreys 1987
Flesh and Blood Emyr Humphreys 1999
Unconditional Surrender Emyr Humphreys 1997
Salt of the Earth Emyr Humphreys 1987
A Man's Estate Emyr Humphreys 2006
Outside the House of Baal Emyr Humphreys 1996
National Winner Emyr Humphreys 1971
The Gift of a Daughter Emyr Humphreys 1998
A Toy Epic Emyr Humphreys 1958
Bonds of Attachment Emyr Humphreys 1991
An Absolute Hero Emyr Humphreys 1988
The Anchor Tree Emyr Humphreys 1980
The Shop Emyr Humphreys 2005
Hear and Forgive Emyr Humphreys 1952
The Italian Wife Emyr Humphreys 1957
A Strange Came Jim Hurn 1969
Starved Fields E Inglis Jones 1929
Pay thy Pleasure E Inglis Jones 1939
The House Above the Sea Elizabeth James 1999
Men Went to Cattraeth John James 1969
When the Kids Grow Up Ken James 2004
A Lantern for Lord Rhys Margot James 1986
The Cardi Comes Home Margot James 1956
Storm of Arberth Sian James 1994
A Small Country Sian James 1999
Outside Paradise Sian James 2001
Second Chance Sian James 2000
In the Shadow of Jerwsalem D Graham Jenkins 1989
Late in the Day Carol Jones 1983
Dig Cynan Jones N/A
The Lily and the Dragon Dedwydd Jones 2002
Albert Regina Jones Dyfed Gyn Jones 1975
Crumbling Pageant Elisabeth Inglis Jones 1932
The Sin Eater Gerry Jones 1971
Welsh Heirs Glyn Jones 1977
The Learning Lark Glyn Jones 2005
The Island of Apples Glyn Jones 1992
The Valley, the City, the Village Glyn Jones 2009
The Nine Days' Wonder Gwyn Jones 1937
Garland of Bays Gwyn Jones 1938
Choral Symphony Jack Jones 1955
River Out of Eden Jack Jones 1951
Lily of the Valley Jack Jones 1952
Lucky Year Jack Jones 1952
Off to Philadelphia in the Morning Jack Jones 1951
Bidden to the Feast Jack Jones 1979
Black Parade Jack Jones 1935
Madocks John Idris Jones N/A
With Angels and Furies John Sam Jones 2005
Cwmardy Lewis Jones 2006
We Live Lewis Jones 2006
The Dreamstone Liane Jones 1992
Hiraeth : a mark - marc Liz Riley Jones N/A
Water Lloyd Jones N/A
Tangwstyl Mansel Jones N/A
How They Educated Jones P Mansell Jones 1974
Lonely's Game R W Jones 1993
The Tower is Everywhere Richard Jones 1971
Pendarvis Sally Roberts Jones 1992
The Paradise War Stephen Lawhead 1991
Sparrowdance Anne Lewis N/A
Dew on the Grass Eiluned Lewis 1934
The Captain's Wife Eiluned Lewis 1944
Advantages of the older man Gwyneth Lewis N/A
Chapel : the story of a Welsh family Miles Lewis N/A
Bank of the black sheep Robert Lewis N/A
Last Llanelli train Robert Lewis N/A
Swansea Terminal Robert Lewis N/A
Monica Saunders Lewis (translated by Meic Stephens) N/A
Flight of the cuckoo Don Llewellyn N/A
Warden of the Smoke and Bells Richard Llewellyn 1958
How Green Was My Valley Richard Llewellyn 1939
Down Where the Moon is Small Richard Llewellyn 1970
The End of the Rug Richard Llewellyn 1969
Green, Green my Valley Now Richard Llewellyn 1975
None But the Lonely Heart Richard Llewellyn 1978
But We Didn't Get the Fox Richard Llewellyn 1979
A Flame for Doubting Thomas Richard Llewellyn 1954
The Three Imposters Arthur Machen 1923
The Hill of Dreams Arthur Machen 1924
The Green Round Arthur Machen 1933
The Terror Arthur Machen 1927
The London Adventure Arthur Machen 1974
Score Howard Mark N/A
Intermission Owen Martell N/A
The Prince of Wales's Feathers David Matthew 1953
Harry of Monmouth A M Maughan N/A
The Way Things Were Hilda McKenzie 1998
Bronwen Hilda McKenzie 2002
The Sisters Hilda McKenzie 1993
A Ray of Sunshine Hilda McKenzie 1995
Sidereal Time Christopher Meredith 1998
Brotherhood C A Merriman 2003
Deep Waters Ronald Elwy Mitchell 1937
The Apple Boughs Desley Moore 1997
Such Morning Songs Desley Moore 1992
Once Below a Time Desley Moore 2001
The Welsh Cottage Olivia More 1971
The Glyndwr Rose Chloris Morgan 2003
Melog Mihangel Morgan (Tranlsated by Christopher Meredith) N/A
My Lamp Still Burns Robert Morgan 1981
Our First Leader Jan Morris 2000
The Snow Pasture P H Newby 1949
The Young May Moon P H Newby 1950
In an Old Welsh Farmhouse J G Olsson 2002
Last Hit Llwyd Owen N/A
The Phoenix and the Flame Phyllis Owen 1992
White Lion, Red Dragon Nobilia Paen 2003
Owen Tanat: a Story of Welsh Story Alfred Neobard Palmer 1897
The Misfortunes of Elphin Thomas Love Peacock 1991
Something Must Be Done Dora Beale Polk 2003
The Two Desires Mrs Cecil Popham 1908
Maiden Castle John Cowper Powys 1966
The Real Wraiths John Cowper Powys 1974
Two & Two John Cowper Powys 1974
After my Fashion John Cowper Powys 1980
A Glastonbury Romance John Cowper Powys 1975
Up and Out John Cowper Powys 1957
You and Me John Cowper Powys 1975
Owen Glendower John Cowper Powys 2002
Weymouth Sands John Cowper Powys 2000
Porius John Cowper Powys 1951
Wood and Stone John Cowper Powys 1915
Apples Be Ripe Llewelyn Powys 1932
Skin for Skin Llewelyn Powys 1925
Fredwyn Peter Preece 2004
Life of Rebecca Jones Angharad Price (translated from the Welsh by Lloyd Jones) N/A
Full Moon Caradog Prichard (translated from the Welsh by Menna Gallie) N/A
The Unbearable Lightness of Being in Aberystwyth Malcolm Pryce 2005
With Madog to the New World Malcolm Pryce 2005
Last Tango in Aberystwyth Malcolm Pryce 2004
Where billows roll : a tale of the Welsh coast Allen Raine N/A
Welsh witch : a romance of rough places Allen Raine N/A
Welsh Singer Allen Raine N/A
Queen of the rushes : a tale of the Welsh Revival Allen Raine N/A
Hearts of Wales : an old romance Allen Raine N/A
Second Chances Denis F Ratcliffe 1996
The Summer Flood Goronwy Rees 1932
A Bridge to Divide Them Goronwy Rees 1937
Llanartro: a Welsh Idyll Amy Dora Reynolds 1896
The Whistling Maid Ernest Rhys 1900
Ennal's Point Alun Richards 1979
Home to An Empty House Alun Richards 1973
Barque Whisper Alun Richards 1979
Sacred Fire Haydn Richards N/A
Crybbe Phil Rickman 1993
December Phil Rickman 1994
Candlenight Phil Rickman 1991
Still Glides the Stream Barbara Dew Roberts 1940
The Charlie Trees Barbara Dew Roberts 1951
Feet in Chains Kate Roberts N/A
Petrograd William Owen Roberts N/A
Pestilence Wiliam Owen Roberts (translated by Elisabeth Roberts) N/A
Owen Rees Eleazar Roberts 1893
Lowri Grace Roberts 1956
Seasoning Manon Steffan Ros N/A
I sent a letter to my love Bernice Rubens 1975
Resistance Owen Sheers N/A
Gospel of Us Owen Sheers N/A
Dream On Dai Smith N/A
The Cambrian Hero William Sotheby 1800
Landsker Brenda Squires 2005
Blow on a dead man's embers Mari Strachan N/A
Bard for Highgrove : a likely story Meic Stephens N/A
The Hollow Hills Mary Stewart 1973
The Crystal Cave Mary Stewart 1970
Sword at Sunset Rosemary Sutcliff 1971
Drustan the Wanderer Anna Taylor 1971
The Happy-Go-Lucky Morgans Edward Thomas 1983
The Forerunner Elwyn Thomas 1910
Welsh Dawn Gareth Thomas N/A
A Frost on My Frolic Gwyn Thomas 1953
All Things Betray Thee Gwyn Thomas 1956
Sorrow for Thy Sons Gwyn Thomas 1986
The Alone to the Alone Gwyn Thomas 1947
Eunice Fleet Lily Tobias 2004
Coming of the King Nikolai Tolstoy 1989
Red Queen, White queen. Henry Treece 1958
Light Cakes for Tea. Eirlys Trefor 1958
Woman in a Valley of Stones Eirlys Trefor 1973
In and Out of the Goldfish Bowl Rachel Tresize 2000
Britain's Greatness Foretold : the Story of Boadicea Marie Trevelyan 1900
Here are Lovers Hilda Vaughan N/A
Battle to the weak ; A thing of nought Hilda Vaughan N/A
Soldier and the gentlewoman Hilda Vaughan N/A
Iron and Gold Hilda Vaughan 2002
All the Moon Long Richard Vaughan 1974
All Through the Night. Richard Vaughan 1957
Moulded in Earth Richard Vaughan 1950
Mamgu : Portrait of a Puritan. David Walters 1964
Tipping the Velvet Sarah Waters N/A
Iron Masters Graham Watkins N/A
Radiant brow : the epic of Taliesin H Catherine Watling N/A
Gone to earth Mary Webb N/A
Court in splendour : being a story of the first Eisteddfod as told by the people of the court Liz Whittaker N/A
Bardic monk : and the grave of King Arthur Liz Whitaker N/A
The Avocet : a novel Gwyn Williams 1970
Two Sketches of Womanhood Gwyn Williams 1975
The Woman in Back Row Herbert Williams 2000
Punters Herbert Williams 2002
Temperance Town John Williams N/A
Prince of Wales John Williams N/A
Cardiff Dead John Williams 2000
Murder at the Eisteddfod John Williams 1973
Owain Glyndwr: The Last Prince of Wales Peter Gordon Williams N/A
Volunteers Raymond Williams N/A
Second Generation Raymond Williams N/A
People of the Black Mountains. 1, The beginning... Raymond Williams N/A
People of the Black Mountains. 2, The eggs of the eagle Raymond Williams N/A
Loyalties Raymond Williams N/A
Fight for Manod Raymond Williams N/A
The Angry Vineyard Rhydwen Williams 1975
Mother Tongue Roger Williams 2005
The last of the Cambrian Princes Part 1, The Road to Aberconway. T D Williams 1960
The December Letters : a novel Dafydd Wyn 1991